Welcome to the Nepalese taste of the world to enjoy the delicious food and drinks.

Pokhara is a high quality and well thought out wine list - welcome to try and enjoy! The à la carte menu has a wide variety of Nepalese cuisine, all prepared by the chef of our professional Nepalese. On weekdays, there is a generous and tasty lunch, which is included in the beginning of salad / soup, main dish, warm naan bread straight from the oven, and coffee or tea.

With food is perfect Nepalese beer, our range is also suitable for food, wine and traditional lassi drinks.

Cooked in an authentic tandoori oven sheep chicken and vegetarian rations taste and mild to spicy food lovers.

Delicious meals also included:
Takeaway - Main Course 10% discount.

Gift Cards:
Surprise your friends with a gift voucher Nepalese delicious food! Ask more!

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11-20 | Sat-Sun 12-20